About Shapla Cultural School

Shapla Cultural School is one of the national cultural institutions of Bangladesh. Shapla Cultural School was established by Mr. Md. Mohsin Ali, Founder and Executive Director of Shapla Gram Unnayan Sangstha to continue the glorious development of national culture.
Shapla Cultural School was established in 2010 for the purpose of practicing and developing art at all district and upazila levels of Bangladesh. Shapla Cultural School regularly conducts music, dance, drama and fine arts, recitation, research and publishing departments. Separate trainers are employed for these departments.The cultural manager is the highest executive officer of Shapla Cultural School. The overall administrative responsibilities are performed by the Cultural Manager. Mr. Jadab Chandra Ray is the current Cultural Manager.

In order to expand the cultural activities, the head office of Shapla Cultural School has been established in the headquarters of Rajshahi district of the country and a branch office has been established in Keshorhat municipality of Mohanpur upazila. There is currently a cultural manager, Who manages the activities of Shapla Cultural School. At present its activities extend to the upazila. In order to develop art culture, support and recognition of talented and talented artists, grants to poor and meritorious students, research on past traditions and contemporary culture and national festivals on music, drama and fine arts are organized. Organizing festivals, conferences, seminars, plays and workshops, national painting exhibitions, organizing various competitions and awarding prizes and inviting various cultural groups to Shapla Cultural School as part of cultural activities, awarding various cultural figures in recognition of their contribution and Books on the subject, time And a reminder of how much work has been completed. Shapla Cultural School has a theater, gallery, music, dance and recitation rooms. Various programs including regular art, music and drama performances and paintings are organized on the stage here.Shapla Cultural School has been playing an important role in the cultural practice of Bangladesh.